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SOFIPA CORPORATION of Mexico Concludes Process of Strengthening Corporate Governance

With the attendance of the Board of Directors and its General Director, SOFIPA CORPORATION of Mexico concluded the process of technical assistance to strengthen corporate governance. The final session of a 12-month technical assistance process sponsored by the Governance and Financial Inclusion (GIF) Project was held on February 29th at the Mexico City Campus of the Tecnologico of Monterrey. SOFIPA CORPORATION is an important microfinance institution based in Oaxaca which provides microloans to more than 39,000 microentrepreneurs in the South of Mexico. As part of the process, the institution approved important policy instruments such as the Corporate Governance Code, the succession plan for critical positions, the policy on interest groups, and the information policy, among others. The process was conducted by the GIF Project consultant Julio David Castellanos.

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